35mm Travel Challenge | Curated by Mon

"The [35mm] camera is for life and for people, the swift and intense moments of life." - Ansel Adams


In this digital era, shooting film seems scary, challenging and intrigues many photobums that adore the easiness of the phone camera. Photography has become a norm, and we shoot pixels in every moment, forget to enjoy and we end up loosing more than we gained. Despite all this, photography is a great way to express yourself. Whilst some take it for granted some use it as a way to express their emotions. We then slowly become small artists and quince our thirst of expression. 

I am also a firm believer that when it comes to expressing yourself, the technicality of your chosen medium is not really important. In this case, yes a more expensive more advanced camera can bring better results. However its the eye behind the camera that stirs up emotions. 

This year I decided to not take my DSLR on my short holiday to Gran Canaria and instead to take my Yeshica Minster, a rangefinder camera manufactured around 1964, using a 35mm film. 

So I challenged myself to shoot 5 rolls of film, and I also had my iPhone (ofc). After 5 days, I've managed to shoot 3 rolls of film and a few shots on my iPhone. In a way I was a bit disappointed I didn't shoot all 5 rolls of film, however I believe everything happens for a reason.