Playa de GuiGui | Trekking Travel Diary | Curated by Mon

Vas a playa de Guigui?


There is no doubt that Gran Canaria has a variety of beaches, and Playa de Guigui is one of Gran Canaria's most searched beaches (on Google at least). Even locals are a bit shocked if as a tourist you mention your visit to Guigui, and in their lifetime not all will have gone to Guigui. 

However in reality Playa de Guigui is almost all the time deserted and it's a place preferred by hippies, nudists and trekking fans. To get to it we walked about 10 km, around 2/2.5 hrs each way depending on your fitness levels. Despite it being a difficult track, I would recommend it to everyone because it's a challenging track with breathtaking scenery. Make sure you go on a less hot day, get plenty of water and some food supplies. Once you get to the beach enjoy the virgin beach, with dark sand, big waves and the peace and quiet.

All photos are taken on Yeshica Minister using 35mm Kodak film.