If not now, when? Accept the challenge

Life isn't about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.
- George Bernard Shaw

December 2016, a casual Sunday, quite a warm day and the sun decided to cover the sky in a pink blanket. I quickly ran out of the house and went hunting and testing the new addition to my camera gear. 

As we are approaching the new year quite fast, a lot of thoughts and questions go through my head. I've always been an overthinker  but I somehow learned to love this feature of mine.

Whilst I was shooting it came to my mind "If not now, when?"

So I leave you with this:

If not now to enjoy the sunset and the sunrise, then when?

If not now to invest in your dreams, then when?

If not now to smile more, just because, no reasons, then when?

If not now to love, then when?

If not now to become a better self, then when?

If not now to laugh, then when?

If not now to explore and to travel, then when?

If not now to hold hands or to hug, then when?

Tomorrow? It might be too late. Tomorrow might never come.  


See the opportunity in every difficulty every day. Challenge your limits and reach further.

With each new day, we are given a new beginning. A new day to shine brighter, to be better, to discover more, to take action. What is your goal today? What are you gonna do today to reach your dreams and goals?

There is no better life than yours.

Be curious; be adventurous; live life full-out and accept any challenge that comes your way.


Images shot with Canon Mark II, 70-300mm lens, edited in Lightroom, Portra tweeked. 

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