Challenge Yourself Everyday

Everyday we are faced with the same challenge:

To love ourselves and to be the best we can in that day

Most of the times an idea comes knocking on our door and we let it come in. Sometimes we keep the door shut and don't let any idea come in because we believe we don't have the time. Now, I am not going to tell you about time management. I am however going to tell you that most of the times when you believe you don't have time, you actually do have some time, and you can squeeze in those 30 minutes you have free, and that you would normally spend on social media, your passion or hobby, or achieving a new goal. Yes, yes, you know I am right. We are all guilty of wasiting time on social media. 

It's entirely your choice how you choose to spend your time, however why put yourself down and continue a toxic habit, demotivating yourself more, when you can easily take up a challenge. Pick up an idea ( something maybe that you wanted to do for ages) and give yourself a deadline. If you think you don't yet have the strength to do it by yourself, get someone else involved, someone to help; posting on social media could be a good start however someone to exchange views and criticism could have a greater impact. Easier said than done, I know, however yes it works.

Just imagine the posSIbilities and the satisfaction of completing your challenge 

In one of my many conversation with fellow creative and inspiration Mikko Serrano, graphic designer and photographer, we decided to challenge ourselves, as we were both restless and unsatisfied that we weren't shooting more. Although we are 3,458 miles away, time difference and both with busy lives we managed to find a way to challenge ourselves and do more of what we love. 

10 photos in one week and at the end we would share and inspire each other.

Here are the 3 top photographs from our challenge that had water as a theme,


Shot in Brooklyn & New Jersey, USA



Shot in Bushy Park, London, UK


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