Notting Hill Carnival 2016

You only live once...

If you're ever in London for bank holiday weekend in August, or even if you're not, you have to come to the Notting Hill Carnival. Never heard of it? Well it's the most epic street FREE party. Lots of food, speakers, music and daggering. Yes you heard that right...

Since I've been in London, that's 7 years now, I have been putting it off. But who knew that 2016 was the year that would finally happen. Me and friends got ourselves pumped and ready for the carnival. NHC you better watch out!

I had a great jerk chicken and rice with some plantain, drank a Bigga and enjoyed the music. 



Here are some of the shots I took during the carnival. I used my Canon with 40mm (pancake lens) to capture some of the moments at this year's carnival. I used Lightroom to edit the photos with a custom preset.