Land's End - #exploringbritain

How is it to stand at the end of the land?

Let me tell you: it's pretty awesome

Summer 16 in England has been an absolute treat, compared with other years at least.

Now you might and might not have heard of Land's End, however is probably one of the first thing you should do when visiting Cornwall. The westernmost point is a great place to quince your thirst for adventure. Although I did not notice any seals or dolphins, don't loose your hope as you might notice them. Lots of seagulls and other type of birds to be observed along a lot of vegetation. 

The amenities are well placed and you can enjoy a meal in the Land's End Restaurant whilst overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. 

The scenery is absolutely breath taking and has definitely swiped me off my feet, and along the years Land's End has inspired many individuals not just me. I particularly enjoyed the End to End Gallery that takes you from Land's End to John O'Groats. It was very inspiring the see the ambition of individuals to go across the country from one point to another. You can guess what's next on my list. 


quick break at rosemergy cream teas

Once you have seen this beautiful land mark I recommend you go, relax, take a breather and try Rosemergy Cream Teas . About 25 minutes away from Land's End, St Ives direction, you almost teleport in a different land. "A secluded welcoming oasis" as it is described on their website. I discovered this place on Google whilst I was planning my itinerary, and a quick read of the reviews I was ready to go there. 

First, the drive there was absolutely gorgeous. It was a hot but humid day, the vegetation was in bloom and the scenery was calling your soul. The farms were inviting you to come in for the famous cream teas, but I had one goal in mind - to reach Rosemergy. It started spitting, but it was warm, so the rain was softly touching my skin and cooling it down. The mist allowed me to spot the ocean but it was difficult to get a good view. 

After I parked my car and stepped in the garden of Rosemergy, a beautiful bird welcomed me and my heart filled with love. It was quiet, a silence that I haven't heard since I was a child running barefoot at my grandma's. It was peaceful and heartwarming. I placed my order and sat by the window. Whilst I was taking in the view my  order came: 1 berry tea, clotted cream, jam and scones hot from the oven. Pleasing both for the eye and the heart I must say. 

I was recommended to put jam on first and then the cream. ~my mouth is watering as I type this~. I had my first bite, and everything was melting, the flavours were slowly revealing - the warm scone, the jam, and surprise: the clotted cream. 

Besides being transported in heaven for brief moments, I really enjoyed the fact that Rosemergy is a family run place. It gave the place that extra warm welcome, as if you were visiting friends and family in Cornwall.

Not long after I finished my tea, I understood why this little hidden gem was so popular- IT'S PERFECT!



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