Life is a roller coaster

Now's the time, there is no slowing down

2016 is coming to an end pretty soon which is a bit scary to be honest. I finished Uni only two years ago. It kinda seems a long time but at the same time it seems like yesterday. Approaching my mid twenties, quite fast now, it made me put my life so far in retrospective. I believe that my grandma was right in saying time will fly by quicker when I will be older. If I didn't believe her then, I sure do believe her now. It's been 7 Years since I moved to London, 7 years that flashback in a minute. 

I've been thinking about blogging, just creating and sharing content in general since I started photography. I then many times started and for a reasons or another: lack of confidence, society telling me creativity is a waste of time, bullying, life etc, I had a on and off love affair with my creative self. Only I know how many pages were deleted, how many photos were discarded as not good enough etc.  

Photo taken in Brighton, 2014, from the archives. 

Photo taken in Brighton, 2014, from the archives. 

Luckily I had myself and a few people around me that told me to not give up no matter what. I tied myself of that last bit of hope even when I was ready to let it go. Let's be honest here, once you find that thing that makes you happy, it will always come back to you no matter how many times you push it away. Creating makes me happy 100%. Combine that with traveling and meeting people and I am one happy puppy. 

What I am trying to tell you here, is that life is a roller coaster and all you have to do is trust yourself and never give up 

Looking back I tend to believe that I regret some moments when I drifted away from my dreams and got lost. But thinking again I actually don't because, those moments, they allow me to sit here in front of my computer, share and tell you that it's OK, and you should continue what you're doing no matter what others are saying. 

Photo taken in Brighton, 2014, from the archives. 

Photo taken in Brighton, 2014, from the archives. 

We all deal with fear, doubt and lack of confidence at some point in our lives. Even if we do not share these emotions with others or we do, we all go through though times. 

The difference between succeeding or not, is what you choose to do with yourself

Photo taken in Brighton, 2014, from the archives. 

Photo taken in Brighton, 2014, from the archives. 


Your life is made out of choices, yours alone. Do you choose adventure or stagnation? It's just like going for a ride in a roller coaster. Me personally I am not a big fan, but for the sake of this post I will be. Before hoping on, you are happy, excited, and that's how you should be every morning welcoming each day: Excited for a new day. Then the journey starts, it has it's up and downs, just like being in the ride and you are happy before during and after the ride has finished. Happiness is not a destination for sure even though we seem to think it is. Why not be happy every day. 

Consequently I started Curated by Mon because I wanted to share what makes me happy. My own gallery where I can share the content I like and hoping that it will make an impact to someone's life. A place to share my interests and keep doing what I love doing.

You may think that this is another one of those cliche motivational posts, where at the end you're like what do I do now? I am saying this because I was in that position and now I kinda' wish someone told me that a year ago when I used to spend my time so focused on research (reading blogs, obsessed with medium, books) and no time on being practical. I can reference so many articles, books, further reading, title this post so heavily just for SEO etc, however you don't need all that and I don't want to make it a cliche either.

You just need to realise that you are a beautiful human being and you are here, now, reading this. You know all this motivational bullshit, but sometimes we just need a reminder to act upon it. 


1. Life is fun - as adults we forget that, so every morning look forward to having fun that day

2. Perfection does not exist, growth does - just going to leave that there for you

4. Love yourself no matter what - yes be your own critic, but don't be your own bully

5. Share, share share - I hate that we live in such a individualistic society, sharing is caring, sharing with others is the way to expand, to grow, and I am not talking about materialist things, I am talking about moments and feelings, nobody will ever take that away from you. 

Remember that being different is awesome. Be comfortable in your own skin and glow, leave the rest to follow. 

You got this!

Photo taken in Brighton, 2014, from the archives. 

Photo taken in Brighton, 2014, from the archives.