Last Christmas - Austria | TravelDiary

Autumn, the time when the trees change colour, we snuggle up in bed earlier, and we take out the cosy jumpers. 

Also the time to start thinking of your Christmas Holidays and New Years Eve. Unless you prefer to be completely spontaneous, which I envy you for.  With friends and family scattered all over the world, it's kinda difficult for me to do that.

Last year I had the pleasure to travel to Vienna, Austria and spend my Christmas with family. Vienna is definitely one of the most go to destinations in Europe for Christmas. The whole town is transformed, Santa was riding  in the tram, the stalls were bursting with Christmas goodies and the mulled whine was drawing cheeks onto everyone's faces. 

One last thing that was missing was snow. I have a love and hate relationship with snow, but last year was defintly missed. Vienna was full of mystery, warmth and tradition. 

For Christmas day we dined at Schonbrun, and I have to say the atmosphere was a pleasant one, warm with a classic vibe to it, almost felt like in a movie. We then made our way to the Orangerie for a classical music concert.  

If you want to spend your Christmas in Vienna and experience something different I would recommend the whole Schonbrun experience, and also not to mention if you are a classical music fan. 

We then made our way 400 km further west to Alpbach, a beautiful town attracting lots of tourists during summer but also during winter for winter sports. If you are a fan  of skying is defintly one place I would recommend you have on your list. If you chose to stay in Alpbach for your whole duration there are two things you can easily explore from there. You can visit Insbruck and Munich. 


I've made a habbit of observing the artsy part of each place I visit.Vienna was full of street art at each corner. I also visit the contemporary and modern art museums, and Mumok in Viena stole my heart. I also enjoyed Leopold Museum.

You can see more sticker art from Vienna here as part of my Hidden Project. 

The trip was all about frosty mornings and crisp evenings, clear blue skies, and a warm feeling inside.