4 steps for when you're feeling low

There is no secret that in our days mental health is a big issue. Whilst mental health has different stages and different levels, the bottom line is the same - we let our thoughts take over.  We see more and more teenagers with low self-esteem, confidence issues and bullying that leads to marks for life. 

I was contemplating writing about this for a long time, mainly because I found myself in situations like this, where I did my best and picked myself up. I have also seen friends battling with similar issues, and often we overcome together moments of difficulty. 

What surprises me that it's still a taboo subject and people are still afraid to speak about it or to seek help. I was blessed with few beautiful friends that have chosen to communicate and express themselves in order to overcome these moments. 

So here are my top 4 tips for when your feeling low, for the moments when hope is not present when everything is dark and the light at the end of the tunnel seems like is never going to show. 

1. Awareness 

One of the first thing, and probably the hardest, is to be aware of the mind set you are in. It's very important to realise that you are feeling low and to immediately identify what makes you feel that way. 

Don't forget, we are a generation that feeds off the emotions provided by things, so don't be surprised if you are feeling low because nobody liked that new photo you posted on Facebook. As silly as this sounds, this is happening, and realising that is not healthy it's a first step towards concentrating on more important rewarding activities: spending time with loved ones, saying "I love you", appreciating other's efforts, etc. 

2. Detachment

Once you've identified the problem, the bug, the situation, it's best that you take a step back and look at it from outside the box. You will need to slowly detach yourself from what hurts you and take control of your thoughts. 

If it's a person or a thing, you must make the difficult decision to take a step back and detach. Peace of mind happens when you remove anything that brings your mood down.  

3. Reunite 

Reunite with yourself. What I mean by that is getting in touch with yourself spiritually. Here you choose how you want to approach it: meditation, prayer, a sport, anything that brings back your spiritual connection with yourself. Don't forget, a healthy body is connected to a healthy mind.

Fix you're thinking, and the "problems" will fix themselves. 

4. Time

This is one of the things I still battle with from time to time.

There is a constant pressure that you are out of time. You have to catch the train, you have to be on time at work, you have to finish your work on time, you have to be done with your studies by a certain age, get married by a certain age etc. Why? I did not quite get that, mainly because society says so. I remember as a child, the notion of time did not really exist. Minutes seemed days, days seemed months, months seemed years. 

Slow down for a minute. Take a breather. Have a day where time is irrelevant, make your own time. Be a late bloomer if you have to, but always follow your path, don't pressure yourself into anything that doesn't feel right. 

Be brave, reach out to someone, and find the right tools for you to battle any mood brought by your wondering thoughts. 


Photos by me from the archives.