My first photobook | Curated By Mon

Santa came early this year!

First of all, shout out to FramedFantasies Photography( for recommending me Saal-Digital.

I've applied for a voucher promotion that Saal-Digital was running at the time without hesitation, even though I had my doubts, as with these things you need to have a large following. 

After a day I received confirmation that I was accepted and Saal-Digital has very kindly sent me a £40 voucher. What can I say, I got very excited and as soon as I got home I followed the instructions. I was a bit skeptical about the software provided by them, however, it took a couple of minutes to download and install it. Very user-friendly, had no glitches and was very easy to add my photos. 

I'll admit, from a technical point of view I wasn't 100% ready. Majority of my photos are ready to go for the screen, as they never get printed. However, I finished the creating the layout and adding the photos in about 30 minutes and placed an order. I was 99% sure that I was either going to get a message saying that they are not calibrated properly, or that the photos will look completely different from the screen. But that didn't happen!

The delivery was quicker than confirmed, and sooner than I expected I had in my hands my first photo book. The linen finish on the cover gives it a luxurious feel, the flat lay allowed me to play with the layouts and make it interesting, and I opted for a matte photo paper. The pages are thick enough to last over time, but also thin enough to not make it chunky. And the photos have kept their colours and quality which for me is the best thing ever, well, after the linen cover. 

Thank you Saal Digital!


Watch my video review below, and give it a thumbs up if you liked it.