We never see what we are not ready to see | The Invisible Addictions

2017. Invisible Addictions

How to see what you are not ready to see


I didn't want to have coffee this morning and even though I woke up with an amazing idea my brain couldn't spit out words before coffee. Take a sip, ah, much better.

A few days ago I listened to a podcast which encouraged me to talk to you about hidden addictions which keep us in a comfort zone mode.

The way we see addicts is not positive, and we tend to alienate individual based on this. We take pity on them, maybe we try to understand, maybe we don't. Nevertheless, addiction has a negative outtake.  

The reason for me writing today is to make you realise that we all are addicted to something, good or bad.

Becoming aware of yourself and dealing with your emotions will bring more peace to your life.

Scientists or doctors might not agree with me incorporating "addiction" in everyone's lives and they see it as a brain disorder and a disease. 

But in essence, we all are addicted to something. That doesn't make us less of people, that doesn't ban us from society. I'll explain. 

Just stop for a second and watch. Observe the others around you. 

2017 is a year wherein most of evolved societies we avoid eye contact. We avoid looking at other people. We avoid smiling to strangers, we are very individualistic and somehow lonely I'd say.   

Mainly this is is due to the high connectivity with our phones and the online social world.  

If you would take the time to just lift your head up from your digital device and just look and observe. Don't judge, don't be afraid, just observe.  

You will see that we are all people, people with big hearts, with healthy minds, and with addictions.  

We may not all be on the same level of addiction but we are addicted to something.  


An addiction I believe comes from the desire to suppress a feeling in order to feel in control. The most common feeling is "stress" and that can lead to more serious addictions. Apart from that not knowing how to deal with your own emotions can also cause addiction.

However we all go through different life experiences and our cues are different, and consequently our addictions too. One of the biggest addiction in our modern societies is food. Food brings the right chemical reactions in your body to either give you the comfort needed in a stressful situation, or it's a scapegoat when we do not want to deal with certain emotions in our lives.  

We are subconsciously encouraged to suppress emotions, to not deal with questions that burn us inside by society telling us who we are and who we should be. The way we actually deal with our own issues is by sharing videos, liking posts, and writing "what's on my mind". 

We then become addicted to social approval in the form of likes and shares, we become addicted to our phones and selfies, we become addicted to the things that comfort us and don't take us out from that zone. 

I encourage you to adventure in the corners of your mind and heart and observe.

Find your addictions, and most importantly find the root of the problem. Understand yourself, meditate, reflect, and deal with your emotions. Do not suppress them. Find a creative mean to express your emotion, donate your time to a charity, start hiking, go travelling, be present each day more and more. 

In this way, you will leave a more meaningful life and you will find your purpose. We are not meant to bow our heads down to the technology that we created.

Are you ready to see? Because we are meant to live and enjoy each breath we take.