My top tips for a city break | Constanta - Eforie, Romania

Maybe it's the fact that I left home when I was 17, and travelling became something normal, or my parents teaching me about travel since I was young, or maybe it's just in my nature;  fact is that I am obsessed with travelling. More specifically with city breaks, because I am not a big fan of two weeks holiday.

I love quick escapade to a different country, or just another city in the UK. Going away for 3/4 days just recharges you and refreshes your mind. Takes your mind of your routine and habits and puts you in a new context, and maybe who knows, with new challenges. 

So here are my top tips to get yourself off the comfortable seat and go on a city break!

1. It doesn't have to be planned

Most of my city breaks are quite spontaneous. I choose a place, I choose the date and that's it. I don't dwell in planning my whole trip. If anything I will choose a few things I want to see - just to be able to say " Been there, done that" hahah, and the rest I leave it to chance. Go with the flow, let go and enjoy the moment!

2. Don't pack too much

It's time for you to disconnect. So don't pack too many gadgets, tablets etc. Get the clothes that you need, 2 pairs of shoes, a camera and that's it. I, sometimes, take a book as well but I never get to read much. Plus, overloading your luggage with things you don't need, it makes it more difficult to travel, and go through security at the airport if you are going by plane. 

3. Good company, good vibes

If you have to go alone somewhere new, you must go. Don't thin you need a group of people to go with to enjoy. A friend or two, or just someone that has the same desire to see a particular place can be enough. Sometimes you just need some time alone in a different place, sometimes you just need some company, however make it always good company! The last thing you want is to come tired or frustrated from a short trip because of the person you were with.

4. Choose something that is out of your comfort zone

If it has to be trekking, or going fishing, do something that you don't normally do during your normal day to day life. Like that you will learn new things about yourself and who knows, maybe a new skill as well. 

5. Don't limit yourself for the tourist bits

Always try and find out how locals live, and try immersing in their local culture and discover a new reality of living. You will be amazed how culture can change only a few miles down the road. 


One of the biggest myths out there is that city breaks are expensive, or traveling is expensive. No is not! There are so many deals out there that give you loads of options. Try SkyScanner,, Voyage Prive, Expedia etc. 

Nothing is expensive if you do your research right and you budget your trip properly. If you would  like to know how to do that let me know in the comments and I will do another blog post just about that!

Hope my tips will encourage you to go on a city break sooner than later.

Do you have your own tips? Let me know in the comments section. 


City break to Romania

 Constanta - Eforie

It was weird to go back home to the sea side during winter. I have only been to our sea side during summer, and I must say it's a complete different atmosphere. 

In one of the mornings, we took a long walk. Being in nature, and just walking is not something that I do everyday. So we were acompanied by this lovely labrador and later on we found this cat bathing in the lovely morning sun. 

Even though snow was everywhere, the sun warmed everything up and you could hear ice and snow melting in the eaves.