Nominate Curated by Mon for the #blogosphereblogawards

Hi guys. I've just done my nominations for this year's #blogosphereblogawards and after a chat with one of my favourite bloggers - Ella, I had the crazy idea to get Curated by Mon nominated as well.

I've only started my blog for a year now and it's been such a roller coaster, and I can only thank each one of you for following and for all your lovely comments. 

If you wish to nominate Curated by Mon for these awards, there are two categories you can choose from - Photography and Travel. To even get a few nominations would mean the world to me and would only make me work harder to get better content on Curated by Mon. 

It only takes 2 minutes to complete the form, and in the about you section, if you don't have a website/blog/free blog, don't worry you can put your Youtube link in there. 


I want Curated by Mon to be a place where you can find inspiration. Travel and photography are my greatest passions and I want to share these with you, in hope that you will always follow your dreams, bloom into the person you wish to be and discover life over the course of the years.

You can nominate up to 5 bloggers per category, so please do vote for other favourite bloggers, because I know it would mean the world to them as well. 

 Press the button below to nominate now.