Happy International Women's Day

8th of March, for me, it was always about celebrating  motherhood. In my culture, women are celebrated today for their power to give life to another human being and still be the amazing selves they are. 

When I was in school it was just an excuse to get flowers from the guys in the room and to say to your mother, grandma etc that you loved them. 

Now that I live in London for 8 years now, 8th of March has turned into celebrating every woman out there. Whilst I've never seen anyone as my enemy or competition, it sadness me to see that they are girls out there hating on other girls just because.

Why you hating girl? Y'all  just need to learn that each and one of us is special AF!

In recent years my work, and my environment has had lots of empowering my fellow women. Something that maybe it was hard or weird at the beginning but with time it became natural and the results are amazing. 

Your own freedom depends on empowering others. You learn so much by just helping others without expecting nothing in return, without creating a condition to your help. 

So on this day, I want to wish to all the girls, women, mothers other  a beautiful day and keep slaying! I will mention a few of the women that inspired me over the course of  last year and this year over Instagram. This is just a fraction though. Some I know personally and I've collaborated with and some I just follow online.

And ofc, I will not mention here, but to all the inspirational females in my life, from my mom, to my teachers and family friends, HAVE AND AWESOME DAY AND KEEP INSPIRING OTHERS!