Why I started Curated by Mon

Letting yourself drift away in your daily life it's easy. You get sucked in by the media when you get home, and you like that because you don't have to think anymore. Work has left you brain dead.  What is there after your 9 to 5? 

The reason why I started Curated by Mon was because I wanted something of mine. A space where I could return and remind myself daily of who I am and what defines me. At the time there was nothing that seemed better suiting than a blog. For a long time, I fought with my inability to express myself in writing and overcoming the fear of nothing basically. You see, fear can be a real party pooper if you let it control your mind. So here I was finally creating Curated by Mon and ready to face my demons.

At times, the line between my creative work and what I wanted to get across to you got blurred and you might have noticed that. That's part of the learning process, that's how in life you learn what path you want to take - trial and error. But lately, things couldn't have been clearer and I feel like my message is slowly getting across. 

Curated by Mon has become a place where you can get inspired to do what you always wanted to do. A place where living life through self-discovery and self-acceptance is a priority. All finished off with where to travel next and tapping into your inner creativity.

 I will always talk about things that make me happy - Travel, Photography and Self Discovery. My journey of self-discovery started last and it's the one that inspires me to continue with the other two passions. 

It took me a while to understand that everybody is different and will bloom at different stages in their lives. However, if there is one post, or a photo or something on here that acts as a catalyst to change something in you for the better, I am more than happy. My motto is " Never too late" and indeed it is never too late to dig deeper into your own garden and remove the weeds that kill your cherry blossoms. 

Reconstruct yourself from bottom to top without judgment, regrets, and fear

So my dear friend, tell me about you? Why are you here and where would you want to be? What is stopping you from reaching further and how can you improve your thinking? Nothing, absolutely nothing! Why? Because you are who you say you are! Because you are beautiful and brave and you make things happen!

Never let anyone else tell you otherwise.