Your next destination Sydney, Australia | Must see spots and travel tips!

Are you ready? Let's adventure off to Sydney!

    I am a woman of my word, and when I promised to my friend back in 2011 I would come visit back in 2011 I knew I had to keep my promise. Even though the tough of flying 25 hours and being away, sooo far away, scared me, I had to keep my promise.

    Here are some of the places I visited and I recommend you see.

    Surely if you are going that far away you might want to consider traveling to Melbourne, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Golden Coast. Let's get into it!

    1. HYDE PARK

    Hyde Park in Sydney is named after the one in London, it's a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the sunshine. Situated in the heart of the business center around the park there are many landmarks and interesting things to see.


    2. QVB - Queen Victoria Building

    Can I just say that once I entered in this building I felt like I was in an Inception movie? Let me tell you why. So it was a moody morning in Sydney, rain was falling, loads of people around. As I was following my friend through the crowds and these modern looking buildings and shops, I found myself entering the QVB building. It was like jumping from Sydney to Paris in one second. 


    The "civic heart" of Sydney, Martin's place is a beautiful pedestrian area with loads of cute restaurants and bistros. I believe it to be a magical place in the sunshine however, it wasn't too bad in the rain either!


    It was a gray morning and it rained the whole time, so I kinda gave up to the idea that I could see the sunset from the Westfield Tower. However, I still went to my Sky Walk appointment and to our surprise we had the loveliest time ever! We were a small group and after we had our induction we cam out on the deck. The sky was clear at this time and you could see the whole of Sydney.  In one corner you had the sky bleeding, in another, it was still raining and in another, you could see the big cruise ships leaving the Circular Quay.

    I completely recommend doing this and my top tip is to look online and book because you will be surprised that is much cheaper!


    Circular Quay is the starting point for the Sydney Hop-on Hop-off Bus and it also an amazing place to just sit and relax. You've got the Museum of Contemporary art which is free to visit, you can then admire the big Cruise Ships and you can take the ferry to many places - Manly, Darling Harbour, Taronga Zoo etc.



    A truly majestic piece of architecture! Great place to visit, relax or even have a lazy brunch with friends.

    8. MOSMAN 

    Funnily enough whilst I was in Sydney, Justin Bieber was there too and he enjoyed a green juice at the same place I had the best Acai Bowl ever! Mosman beach is a quiet peaceful beach compared with Bondi, unfortunatly when I visited it was pissing down.


    Well, Bondi is Bondi, there isn't much more to say about it. You have to include it in your things to do in Syndney! 


    Personally I am not a big fan of Zoo's and the idea of animals being kept in captivity, however, Taronga Zoo was different. The animals were well kept after and the barriers of captivity weren't so proeminent. Animals seemed happy and there were zoo keepers everywhere looking after them. You can see loads of different animals and even have a Koala encounter.  Annnnnddd the most amazing thing is the view you get of Sydney whilst walking around the zoo. Pretty amazing to see the giraffes with the Sydney skyline as the background.

    curatedbymon_sydney (151 of 155).jpg


    All I'm saying don't go there before closing time like I did. The Fish market in Sydney is a popular place to see however, I didn't have a chance to experience it fully as I got there before closing time and all the stalls were being cleaned, so no fish for me!

    12. LUNA PARK

    Luna Park is situated on the other side of the Coat Hanger. You could walk across the bridge from Circular Quay to get to Luna Park, or you can get the ferry.  


    These are some of the things I've done whilst in Sydney, however, there is so much more that you can do. 

    My advice would be to research and see what you would like to do and compile your own list. At the same time don't forget to immerse in the culture, chat with the locals and experience Sydney for what it is. 

    My trip to Sydney summarized in 3 points?

    1. Challenging - the flight and being so far away from my comfort zone.
    2. AMAZING FOOODDDDDD - take me back, please!
    3. Proof that the world is small and anything is possible.

    I hope you enjoyed this travel post and if you liked it please give it a share. Also if you want to see more photos from my trip click on the button below. 

    Till next time,