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Let's cross together

Whilst I always wanted to travel to Italy as an adult, there was always something in my head telling me "Neah" . Found it popular and maybe too overrated. 

However, who knew that 2017 would be the year that I would be surprised with a trip to Rome! As I left London there was nothing else I could think about but Eat, Pray, Love. Although I am not a middle-aged woman searching for everything, I am a young woman still looking for my place in the world. 

If this is the first time reading one of my Travel Diaries, Welcome and thank you for stopping by. I'm a firm believer in being a traveler and not a tourist.

A traveler is a person who discovers's themselves, other cultures and grows whilst traveling.  

So let's get into it. 


A City of History

“Rome – the city of visible history, where the past of a whole hemisphere seems moving in funeral procession with strange ancestral images and trophies gathered from afar.” George Eliot (English novelist 1819-1880)

Rome bursts with historical landmarks and places. It's like you're transported in old times but you're still in your century. I am not the right person to talk about it, but I recommend you explore with a guide (see below) as there are so many places that need discovery accompanied by historical facts.

I recommend walking down Via del Corso and walking down towards the Colosseum. It's a great away to see all the bits in one go. 

Piazza di Spagna accesible from Via del Corso.

Piazza di Spagna accesible from Via del Corso.

Make sure you stop at the famous Fontana di Trevi, toss the coin and make a wish.

Make sure you stop at the famous Fontana di Trevi, toss the coin and make a wish.


Make sure you also go to Bioparco di Roma and reserve a day for it. The park is very big and there are loads of animals that you can see. Although I am not a fan of Zoo's, I was impressed to see that the animals had loads of space and they were looked after properly. 

A City of Passion

Italian people are very passionate, and the language itself is fiery and fierce. If Paris is the City of love and romance, I found Rome to be the city of Passion - 0 to 100 real quick. 


I'm a big foodie, and whenever I travel I love trying out local foods, and sort of combine all my experiences - just like in Eat, Pray, Love. ( disclaimer: this is not an ad for Eat, Pray, Love)

Getting around

We chose to stay abit outside of Rome, and I thought that getting around would be difficult and expensive. However I was impressed to see that 1 ticket - 1.5 Euros would last 100 minutes and you can use it for Metro, Train, Bus, Tram. It can be tricky to understand, but basically you can use the same ticket for 100 minutes as long as you use different types of transport. 

For instance one of the days we traveled to Ostia Beach, and in order to get there we had to take the underground, we changed once and then we took the train. 

Talking about Ostia Beach, it was great to be able to get to the sea side as well on our mini city break. It's 35 minutes by train from Rome, and it's a beautiful beach. The water was a bit cold, not the right time of the year to be jumping in the sea, but it was refreshing. 

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If you're not familiar with Eat, Pray, Love then get familiar.

I'm not sure how many male readers I have, but as cheesy as this book may sound to you dear man, it could make you understand women better. I'd say at least watch the movie. 

Get ready for your trip to Italy!