A Cup of Coffee | Be Who You Are | Curated by Mon

Nothing compares with the smell of coffee in the morning. For me, it's a ritual. It's what makes me happy, even giggly sometimes. 

I grew up in a household where as a kid I would wake up to the smile of a loving family member on a background of freshly brewed coffee no matter what the situation was that day. Sun, bad, rain, good, sadness, laughter, it all resumed after that cup of coffee. 

I close my eyes for a second as I write this post and my mind instantly takes me in the arms of my grandma sipping from her coffee, or around the table with my family to the background of freshly brewed coffee. 

It's little things that keep memories alive and create new ones. 

For you, a cup of coffee can be that slap in the face you need in the morning to wake up or the "drug" you need to finish your work quicker.

For me, a cup of coffee is a feeling of comfort and happiness. It's a moment for myself when the time stops and no worries haunt my mind. 

A cup of coffee teaches you how to listen when you're in the company of someone else. As you take your time and sip through, the flavours burst in your mouth. You don't realise it, but for a second you are selfish enough to not say anything because you simply want to enjoy that moment, and you just listen. Often that's what the other human being in your company really needs. 

A few days ago I wanted to let go of my ritual because I fell in with others ideas of morning rituals. What a fool I was. As a result, my new taken on challenge lasted 2 days, not because I quit easily but because it wasn't me.

The message is deeper than to have a cup of coffee or how not to be a quitter. It's to never lose your identity when other's seem to shine brighter than yours does.

It doesn't hurt to try new things and explore what the world has to offer.

However always seek what helps you grow and adds to who you truly are.  As a born altruist I stopped helping myself with the wrong advice for once, and I added another puzzle piece to the bigger picture.

Do yourself a favour and stop helping others first. If they really want to be helped they will ask for it. 

Help yourself to a cup of coffee and reflect on how you can become a better version of yourself than you were yesterday! Create memories, laugh, be happy and work on the little things, for the rest will not matter in the end.

Now.... who wants a cup of coffee? Cause' sure do I want one now after writing this!

The photos are some quick shots that I took on a road trip with Mica and Ada. (Girls if you're reading this - I miss you).