Southend-on-Sea + VLOG | Curated by Mon

What can be better than a road trip to the seaside? A spontaneous one! 

Let me just tell you that everything was spontaneous about this trip. Including the weather. 

I would usually insta story a lot of my trips. However, this time we had no charges so phone died pretty quickly. So I decided to film a little- towards the end of the day.  Even though I'm pretty new at this, I loved it, and it creates beautiful memories. I hope to do it more often for you guys, I feel like filming sometimes gives a different perspective to things rather than an image. 


Not too far away from London depending on where you are located. Pretty accessible with all transport means.  The beach didn't impress me much, it was a combination of pebbles and sand and very steep. 

We did catch a low tide and that was fun to walk on the extended beach and look for muscles and sea shells. We also saw baby fish in some of the puddles and loads of big amazingly stuck together sea shells. 

A great tip if you are ever collecting muscles make sure they are not open! If the shell is open that means the muscle is dead inside. 

In terms of entertainment, there is a small amusement park on the beach and during the summer there are plenty of things going on over the weekend. 

I'd say this is more for kids and families, however, it's still a fun day out even if you are in your mid-twenties. I guess it's up to you how much of a kind you can be!

Warning! be prepared for a windy experience and don't go necessarily beach ready! As we had to have an emergency hoody shop at Primark. 

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There were so many little cute cafes and restaurants! I wanted to go everywhere, and another reason I would visit again would be to check out some of them. 

Do ask about the fresh fish that is available on the day, I went for a classic Cod with chips and salad. The batter was fantastic, not oily and greasy at all - you get that alot in London. There was also skate, muscles ( only in season) and other options.

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Getting there

Depending on where you are you would probably need to take the underground or overground and change a few times until a train station that takes you to Southend, and on average the journey is 1h and 30 minutes, which is a similar time if you were to drive there. 


Enjoy the vlog!