I HONOR my self, my body, and true self - Learn to love yourself

Hello fellow reader.

Coffe Update: If you read my previous posts, you might know I was a long-term relationship with coffee. I was because following the new year I decided to give it up because it might be one of the things that doesn't go well with my body.


Which takes me to today's topic - HONOURING yourself ( mind, body, spirit). Even though I love coffee, I have to accept that my body doesn't need it. (for now)

Today scrolling through my feed I found this picture. Which takes me to the first point.

1. Slow Down and Be Present

This was about 2 years ago, and despite many battles and efforts, I was still not happy with myself. Truly happy with myself. This meant that I was still seeing my flaws, that I was demanding too much of myself, and just judging myself way too much. 

Whilst I was trying to transform that someone on the outside, basically what others saw, my core remained the same, maybe even more suppressed. It didn't make me a hypocrite or a liar, I just didn't know how to reach my self at the core because of me always being impatient. I could say that I was some kind lost. 

Until I realised that true change comes from the core. Now one thing I had to learn the hard way, was that everything falls into place if you allow it and in time. Being impatient and fast-paced did not really help me. 

Like the air you breath, abundance in all things is available to you! Your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be!
— Abraham Hicks

I chose to slow down, and just allow it. Trust me it's SO MUCH HARDER than said. Simply allowing life to unravel in front of your eyes, and allowing yourself to be true is one of the hardest things I had to do. It's work in progress for sure. But this what makes up life, we grow, we learn and we become better versions of ourselves. 


2. Gratitude and Compassion

Be kind to yourself. Be soft. Treat yourself the way you expect others to treat you. Light or dark be grateful for what you have. In order to be able to appreciate, you have to go out, explore, meet people, talk to others, share experiences. Otherwise, you are creating a bubble were only your reality exists and the lines between what's real and what your mind creates will be blurred. Nothing will make you happy anymore, nothing will be good enough, not even you. 

Get out there, explore and find space and time for gratitude and compassion. 


4. Relax and don't Take Life To Seriously


Laugh! Laugh at yourself, at life, at bad situations. See the positives in each instance where things just went wrong. Usually when this happens is because it wasn't meant to be or because you have a lesson to learn. 


5. Day Dreams Become Reality

You know that saying  "Control your thoughts, otherwise they will control you".  Well, this true and tested. Our mind is a powerful tool, but if we leave it to roam freely we will become its slaves. Anxiety is one of the results of leaving your mind to think what it wants.

Allow yourself to daydream about the things you want, positive thoughts. Set your intentions for each day, whether through a journal, meditation or a quick chat with yourself in front of the mirror. 

What you say, and you put out there in the universe will eventually unravel. 

Until next time!